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sukanto Kuri
Jul 13, 2022
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Kazakh nationality, as a nation with a long history and rich culture, has been paid more and more attention by people. Kazakh culture is also gradually integrated with the social economy, and many valuable Kazakh cultures are used in people's lives. From the realistic sense of Kazakh pattern research, Kazakh pattern not only has distinctive features but also contains rich national cultural connotation. However, there are still many excellent primary colors of Kazakh patterns that have not been developed. Some Kazakh areas have backward basic facilities and conservative national concepts. They are satisfied with the existing life and have no awareness of developing national culture. Therefore, for some excellent inheritance, we No chance to discover. With the continuous improvement of the level of computer Image Manipulation Service technology, the daily application of computers has had a significant impact on the field of teaching in China, and has also brought a new model to teaching. In the teaching work of graphic design, the full use of computer-aided design can effectively improve the teaching level and enhance the teaching effect, but in the actual use process, this teaching method still has problems. The problems existing in teaching and their countermeasures are analyzed. Computer-aided design; Graphic design; Teaching application 1. Introduction With the continuous development of information technology, the content of traditional paper textbooks is dull and single, and it is difficult for students to be interested in the learning content. Computer-aided design can efficiently help teachers arrange text and graphics, save a lot of lesson preparation time, and can also increase the diversification of courseware, expand the imagination of teachers and students, and cultivate innovative thinking on both sides. 2. Reasons for citing computer-aided design in graphic design teaching In graphic design, the use of computer-aided design software for teaching can simplify the design work and production process of graphics and text, and complex subject knowledge can become easier to understand.

sukanto Kuri

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